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Are you a business pioneer and a visionary of social change? Do you represent a modern and innovative company with socially responsible business, and employee care system? Want to get in on the action and help create the first future-forward new-tech event ever in this part of Europe?

Get involved in extending the digital frontier now.

Join our event partners who are changing their thinking about the future. Integrating business, technology and visionary Masters & Robots will immerse people behind the fastest growing, most disruptive companies out there and gain unprecedented access to the network of innovators, connectors, futurists and hungry entrepreneurs.

Imagine these high-value targets in one place – and your branding front and center, framed by our venue or featured in connection with your selected stage. Join Masters & Robots and make an impact on the most discerning, innovative and visionary of audiences.

Sponsoring the Masters&Robots signals to the world that your organization is committed to innovative solutions and wants to participate in demarcating directions of global evolution.

If you are interested in sponsorship offer, please contact us: partnerships@digitaluniversity.pl

M&R Team