This is not a movie. It’s real! How autonomous cars change our life’s?

Surely you’ve heard that new technologies develop exponentially but have you thought about what it means for you and your company and what the consequences are? Here’s a simple example…

Next year the first autonomous cars will become widely available.

Because of that, the next two years might see a collapse in the automotive market. To keep up, traditional automotive companies will have to change their approach to vehicle production entirely. That will give them a chance to catch up to the manufacturers of ‘computers on wheels’ and avoid collapse. We’ll order a car that’ll take us to a chosen destination through a mobile app, and we’ll only pay for the distance we went. There won’t be a parking problem, and there’ll be no need for driving licences. In turn, that’ll change how cities are managed because 90-95% of cars will become useless. Parking lots will turn into parks.

Million human lives…

Nowadays, for every 100 000 km, there is one fatal accident. With autonomic cars, this number will drop to 1 accident for every 10 million km. That’s a million human lives in one year! An increase in the road safety index will cause problems for insurance companies. Fewer accidents will result in a decrease in insurance prices. There is even a chance that they will disappear.

The real estate market will change as well. As people will be able to work while in the car, they’ll move farther from city centres and start to live in prettier and calmer neighbourhoods…

Butterfly effect

This example shows how small changes may affect many lives and business fields. Formerly the period from idea to implementation was counted in tens of years. Nowadays it’s a matter of months. It’s worth being aware of new developments so as not to miss a change that may have a dramatic impact on your business, life or work.

That’s why we created Masters & Robots, a one-of-a-kind conference in Poland.