Special offer “Women in Tech” at the Masters & Robots conference

Do you love new technologies? Are you using technology in your business and want to learn how to use technology to expand your business or work area? If so, whether you are running your own start-up, doing study research or working as an employee, this offer is for you! What are our criteria? minimum 2 […]

We encourage partners to involve

Are you a business pioneer and a visionary of social change? Do you represent a modern and innovative company with socially responsible business, and employee care system? Want to get in on the action and help create the first future-forward new-tech event ever in this part of Europe? Get involved in extending the digital frontier […]

We are looking for volunteers!

Play a part in community of innovators & visioners The first edition of Masters & Robots is an event worth taking part in. Join the team of practitioners who are passionate about creating the future. We already know the world-class leaders and speakers. They will tell us about: the future of health, digital economy, exponential […]

This is not a movie. It’s real! How autonomous cars change our life’s?

Surely you’ve heard that new technologies develop exponentially but have you thought about what it means for you and your company and what the consequences are? Here’s a simple example…

Our gender diversity

If you look up close at our lineup, you’ll see something unique – nearly half of our speakers are women. And it’s not by accident. We carefully selected our lecturers so both genders would be equally represented during the „Masters and Robots” event. Let’s not pretend there’s only one sex on the planet! The reason […]

No dull keynotes

We understand that time is precious. We know that our conference isn’t the only one you’ll attend this year (although we hope it’ll be your favourite). And we’re aware that theoretical knowledge is easy to find on the Internet. Everything we did is to make sure that after visiting Masters & Robots you won’t regret […]

3 reasons you’ve got to be a part of Masters&Robots

Masters & Robots is the most future-driven event of this year in Poland. We don’t want to brag too much, but it’s a must for every professional in CEE to attend it. Here’s why we think so: It has SingularityU Warsaw Chapter in it – Singularity University is a global community that helps to achieve […]

Another tech conference? Why should I bother?

If you’re in the corporate business, finance or entrepreneurship, you’ve been probably seeking actual inspirational events throughout the years. Especially the ones that could help in putting your business through digital transformation. Well, you finally found it! WELCOME TO „MASTERS & ROBOTS”! Our idea is simple. We want to pass on our passion for digital […]

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