No dull keynotes

We understand that time is precious. We know that our conference isn’t the only one you’ll attend this year (although we hope it’ll be your favourite). And we’re aware that theoretical knowledge is easy to find on the Internet. Everything we did is to make sure that after visiting Masters & Robots you won’t regret single penny you paid for it.

There’s a reason we call ourselves the boldest and most disruptive event in CEE. You won’t find here dull, too long keynotes. You won’t only sit and listen, occasionally checking your phone.

We’ll get you involve and make you think, learn and talk about the future. We’ll encourage you to implement changes not only in your organisation but for the greater good.

Most of our speeches won’t take longer than 18 minutes. Our workshops will be as intense as possible for you to develop new skills. Our unique venue will give you multiple chances for informal networking and our app will get you digitally engaged.

Get prepared for the hottest event this autumn and sign up for early bird passes. We’ll not let you down!

M&R Team


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