Our gender diversity

If you look up close at our lineup, you’ll see something unique – nearly half of our speakers are women. And it’s not by accident. We carefully selected our lecturers so both genders would be equally represented during the „Masters and Robots” event. Let’s not pretend there’s only one sex on the planet!

The reason behind that idea came from our own experience. We attended a lot of business and tech events where there were hardly any women speaking. Do you think it’s because women are not particularly good at keynotes? Or are there only men worth listening?

Well, regardless the reason, our event will be different. While attending the „Masters and Robots” you’ll have a chance to listen to impressive and encouraging women from all over the world. Susan McPherson, Mary Ann Pierce, Priszcilla Varnagy and Petra Hauser are just only a few of them.

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M&R Team