Justin Henrix
Executive Director of NYC Media Lab
Clare Markham
Blockchain & ICO expert
Andra Keay
Silicon Valley Robotics​
György Lévay
Cyborg, Biomedical Technologies
Gilad Gome
Zika Virus Rapid Diagnostic Team
Joshua Gans
Book author - “The Disruption Dilemma”
Natasha Vita-More
Transhumanism expert, Humianity+​
Mark Post
First in-vitro hamburger creator, Mosa Meat
Peter A. Gloor
AI Professor, MIT’s Sloan School of Management
Leesa Soulodre
Investor, Entrepreneur, IoT expert, Singapore
Supreet Singh Manchanda
Investor, Silicon Valley

Last Year Speakers

Markus F. Peschl
University of Vienna
Susan McPherson
CEO of McPherson Strategies
Anindya Ghose
Master’s in Business Analytics Program
Henry Wong
Garage Technology Ventures
Chip Espinoza
Millennial Expert
Arun Aggarwal
Petra Hauser
Exponential Business Hub GmbH
Massimo Tammaro
Frecce Tricolori, Ferrari, Advisor
Cristina Dolan
Founder and CEO of InsideChains
Charles Bark
Hinounou Intelligent Robot Shanghai
Deming Chen
Yoong Hui Chia
Chairman and CEO at Ascenz
Zoltan A. Vardy
CEO Media Consulting
Marianne Winslett
University of Illinois
Eric J. Bina
Co-founder of Netscape
Mary Ann Pierce
Founder & CEO, MAP Digital, Inc.
Priszcilla Várnagy
CEO Be-novative
Dana Al Salem
Co-founder Yahoo! Europe
Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy
Brain Bar Budapest
Eugene Shteyn
Stanford University
Heidi Forbes Öste
Author of Digital Self Mastery
Ramzi Ben Romdhane
Renault Group
Monica Parker
Founder, HATCH Analytics
Ori Geva
Co-Founder, CEO of Medial EarlySign
Ronen Tal-Botzer
CEO Sense Education
Domhnaill Hernon
Head of Innovation Incubation and E.A.T. @Nokia Bell Labs
Oleg Brodt
R&D Director of Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs Israel