Arun Aggarwal

ex-CIO & Digital Transformation Leader at CEMEX

Title of the speech:

Elephants Can Dance…

Many people think big, incumbent industrials are like elephants… just too slow and bureaucratic to do the digital dance. Here is a story of one such industrial that learned to dance! In less than 18 months “digital” went from being a dream to being an everyday reality. What did it take…?

Title of workshop:

Making an Elephant Dance…

Large industrials struggle with digital transformation – some with understanding what it means to them, others with mobilizing their organizations and others still getting returns on the investments they are making.

Over the last 18 months I worked with an amazing team that took a great leap in transforming a leading industrial into a leading digital industrial. We made the elephant dance….

We mobilized the company around digital, laid a digital foundation on which we could create sustainable change, delivered the first end-to-end digital experience in the industry, and started transforming the operation to keep pace with the demands of digital.

In this session I will share the journey we took, and the lessons we learned – lessons I hope you will be able to take back to your companies, regardless of where they are in their digital journey. We will cover how to build a new customer experience powered by digital, and how to enable the organization to provide that efficiently. But most importantly, we will discuss building the “Digital DNA” of the organization which is essential to sustainable change.


Arun Aggarwal has 25+ years of experience driving large transformation programs around the world. In his latest adventure, he was the Global CIO for CEMEX, and also led their Digital Transformation.

In the past he has also managed his own consulting firm that worked with for-profit clients and with philanthropic organizations. Prior to that he was employed by KPMG Consulting & BearingPoint, working with private and public sector clients.


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