Domhnaill Hernon (PhD, MBA)

Head of Innovation Incubation and E.A.T. @Nokia Bell Labs

Title of the speech:

The future of art and technology – creating empathic communication

Do you ever wonder why there is so much difference in the world between people/cultures/race/religion/politics? Our ability to communicate with others via text, voice and visuals is severely limited because those modes of communication do not transmit emotion/sentiment/cognition. Furthermore, the ability of humans to sense the world is severely limited because our senses operate at a fraction of the animal kingdom. What if we could use technology to break down barriers between people/cultures/race/religion/politics? What if we could use technology to augment our senses and effectively create a 6th sense to enable greater perception of the world around us, to make visible the invisible signals that allude us and to enable empathic communication between people so as to deepen interpersonal understanding? In this talk I will share how we are collaborating with the artistic/creative community to create a new language of empathic communication to break down these barriers. I will share examples of these collaborative works and share our vision for the future of art and technology.


Domhnaill Hernon is Head of Innovation Incubation & Experiments in Arts and Technology (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell Labs. He graduated with a B.Eng in Aeronautical Engineering, a Ph.D in fundamental fluid mechanics from the University of Limerick and an Executive M.B.A. from Dublin City University, Ireland. Domhnaill is currently based in New Jersey at the headquarters of Bell Labs research. He is passionate about turning research into reality and exploring the bounds of creativity to push the limits of technology. Domhnaill is responsible for turning Bell Labs disruptive research assets into proto-solutions that can tested at scale in the market. He is also responsible for Bell Labs global activities in E.A.T. where he collaborates with the artistic/creative community to push the limits of technology to solve the greatest human need problems.


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