Eugene Shteyn

Lecturer, Stanford University Continuing Studies Program

Title of the speech:

Innovation Timing

In the business of innovation, timing is critical for success. Being too early with an idea can be as disastrous as being too late. With the rapid rate of modern innovation, timing affects almost everything, from creating a new technology in a large enterprise, to discovering a product-market fit in a startup, to making the right career choice. This talk shows how to avoid costly timing mistakes and improve your ability to detect and take advantage of major innovation opportunities.

Title of workshop:

Innovation Timing: How to create innovations and boost our chances for success

The main purpose of the workshop is to introduce participants to modern innovation methods. We will provide an interactive environment for learning about innovation and practicing the newly acquired skills.

First, the we will introduce concepts, illustrate them with case studies, describe key innovation methods, and guide participants through brief interactive practice sessions. We will identify and dispel common misconceptions about innovation that prevent people from thinking “outside of the box.” Then, we will consider breakthrough technology and business patterns to see how they work in a variety of industries such as information technology, manufacturing and entertainment.The participants will have opportunities to share their understanding of the innovation process and how the methods presented in the workshop can help solve real-life problems.

The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to practical applications of the methods, case study development and innovation development. Participants will be split into smaller groups where they will discuss and prepare innovation opportunity outlines. We will review the initial proposals, evaluate their timing, and suggest improvements. During all stages of the workshop, participants will be given ample chances to ask questions and receive feedback on their ideas.


Eugene Shteyn teaches Principles of Invention and Innovation, Innovation Timing, The Greatest Innovations of Silicon Valley, and Scalable Innovation at Stanford University Continuing Studies Program. He’s also the first co-author of Scalable Innovation: A Guide For Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and IP Professionals.

Eugene’s innovation work, first as a Principal Scientist at Philips Research Silicon Valley, then as a director at IP Licensing at Hewlett-Packard, is embodied in high-tech products and broadly represented in industry standards. Eugene is a named inventor 30 US patents and more than 50 patents pending in areas of Internet services, business social, semiconductors, security, digital entertainment, gaming, etc. He also co-founded Invention Spring, LLC, an invention development and innovation management consulting company; its clients include Fortune 500 companies (Apple, IBM, Roche, Google) as well as many Silicon Valley startups. Innovation workshops given by Eugene Shteyn resulted in hundreds of inventions and product ideas.



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