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  /  Gilad Gome

Gilad Gome

Researcher and lecturer in biotechnology, focused on how industry, academy, and governments are dealing with the rapid changes happening in life science. He is an adjunct Lecturer for bio-innovation at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) and a researcher at the media innovation lab (miLAB) where he is creating new biological tools for bio-printing and tissue culturing. He is also the co-founder of miroculus developing non-invasive cancer diagnostic and founder of the Zika Rapid diagnostic a non-profit focused on open sourced diagnostics protocols. Gilad is a Singularity University GSP 13′ alumni.


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The era of medical selfie
Masters&Robots Day 2
The internet democratized access to information and dematerialized books. The information stored in our body (in genes, proteins, cells) is becoming available for humans as a consumer product. Traditionally it is a doctor or nurse that handle this information. The doctor prescribes the test, the  nurse may draw blood and handle the sample, and at last a lab technician conducts the test, turning information that is bodily into a note sent to the doctor and patient. The coming years are the years of the “medical selfie”, what means we are able to make self-diagnostic. Thanks to tech devices and bio data-driven projects and apps access to bio-data is becoming available on-demand. However how good is the quality of that? Is the result of self-diagnostic as good as the gold standard in labs? Will we have to see the doctor or nurse in several years or having a smartphone and few apps will be enough? What is the role of smartphones or other devices in modern diagnostics? What are the upcoming applications that will radically change our lives?   Gilad Gome, bioinnovator will answers all of this question as well as present some projects and provide his thoughts on the state of human bio-information.