Heidi Forbes Öste

Best-selling author of Digital Self Mastery

Title of the speech:

Digital Self Mastery for the Soul

Our most intimate relationship today is one that we do not even recognize or treat as a relationship. Technology is interconnected with all areas of our lives. It is the last thing we see before we sleep and the first upon waking. For many this is a toxic relationship that causes anxiety, stress and disconnect impacting work and the ability to thrive. Digital Self Mastery is required to evolve with technology rather than being left behind. Achieving balance of the digital self enables us to bring the humanity back into our relationship with technology and each other and makes room for greater innovation and impact. Dr. Forbes Öste presents a journey to Digital Self Mastery exploring the behavior behind our relationship with technology.


Dr. Forbes Öste is a behavioral scientist & best-selling author of Digital Self Mastery. She combines 25 yrs experience in social strategy consulting with her scholarly research in the human relationship with technology and her personal passion for wellbeing. She founded the movement for Digital Self Mastery™ to support the transition into the digital era without losing humanity in the process.


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