Ori Geva

Co-Founder, CEO of Medial EarlySign

Title of the speech:

Medial Early Sign – Super Charging Personalized Risk Stratification with Machine Learning and Ordinary Clinical Data

The combination of exponentially growing medical data, the maturity of AI-based technologies coupled with the growing burden of healthcare are driving a new era in the industry; an era where predictive, preventative and personalized medicine are set to dramatically change the way medicine is practiced. One of the fundamental requirements for these changes are data, high quality data and large amounts of data. Many health systems already have access today to large amounts of data that could be valuable, but unfortunately, this data remains underutilized. We will discuss how advanced machine learning approaches that are adapted for clinical data could create improved predictive and prescriptive capabilities that allow mass personalization of care using data that is readily available now. We will also illustrate how innovative organizations that have already established good data interoperability can start benefiting from these capabilities today by implementing these technologies. These can help them identify and predict which members of their population are at the highest risk for near-term deterioration. We will illustrate such a solution that is currently implemented in clinical practice at Medicover in Poland. The solution uses advanced machine learning-based AI technologies to analyze routine lab and demographic data to identify individuals at risk of having colorectal cancer.


Ori is an executive and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the IT, Internet, and medical related software and telecommunications industries. Prior to Medial EarlySign, he was involved in VLDB projects related to data modeling, knowledge representation, search and analytics in diverse roles. He worked with the Department of Defense, software innovation group in a medical devices company, was co-founder and CEO in an internet community venture and a later co-founder of financial services company, and VP Professional Services and VP Product Management at Pontis, a company involved in Big Data real-time personalized marketing for large network operators. Ori holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, Cum Laude, from Bar-Ilan University


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