Petra Hauser

Exponential Business Hub GmbH

Title of the speech:

Game Changer Blockchain: Exponential Tech and Disruptor

Blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger tech) have the potential to disrupt the financial world, even stronger than this sector is already threatened today by new players to the market enabled by mobile infrastructures. What exactly is blockchain? What are the advantages and characteristics of this new transaction system? How will it affect finance? And how do states react to this game-changing technology?

Workshop title:

Design Thinking – Experimental Mindset as key success factor in Exponential Times!

Exponential Technologies represent a major threat to companies that miss to apply them early enough or to uncover their potential for innovation. For those companies that start experimenting with exponential technologies in various application fields, they are an incredible opportunity not only to enhance their existing business but to reposition their stakes in new market fields.

Design Thinking is one of the essential tools companies have to learn and incorporate in their way of thinking and working in order to arrive at this sustainable mindset of experimenting.
Participants will be immersed into the world of design thinking as one of the essential tools in the field of NWoW (New Ways of Working) and innovating within an organisation. Participants get the big picture of how of design thinking should be incorporated in an overall innovation strategy to get the most out of this highly effective method. Learning and understanding are supported by engaging facilitations acted out in groups.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to create human-centered products and services
  • Understand where to apply design thinking effectively and where not
  • Get the theoretical framework of the method
  • Learn how to overcome your organisational bias
  • Get the toolkit to experiment and prototype your business rapidly


Petra Hauser is CEO and Founder of the Exponential Business Hub, a digital innovation enabler based in Vienna supporting corporates in repositioning their offer to generate new revenue streams in an ever-changing technology and business landscape. Petra is also the Austrian Chapter Lead of Silicon Valley’s Singularity University (SU). SU is acknowledged as a world-leading faculty addressing the convergence of exponential technologies and their impact on business and society on a global scale. Petra is a corporate entrepreneur and change-management expert as well as a marketing-pro with more than ten years of successful C-level experience at leading, renowned companies in Austria such as RTL radio, the private TV station Sat.1 Österreich or the second biggest media agency group Her focus on digital strategy and human-centered design makes her an expert in bridging the two worlds of corporate business and disruptive innovation. Petra is a bachelor of Business Administration and Communication. She also graduated from the Executive Program „Driving Digital and Social Strategy” at the Harvard Business School in Boston and from the Executive Education “Developing Breakthrough Strategies” at the Columbia University, New York City. Petra Hauser studied Exponential Technologies at the Singularity University in Mountain View, California. Petra is a sought-after speaker on creating an exponential mindset, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and digital marketing and has twice been awarded „second most influential woman in media“ in Austria.


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