Priszcilla Várnagy

CEO Be-novative

Title of the speech:

Breakthroughs – How to prove your organization is creative?

How can a traditional large enterprise drive breakthroughs and inspire creativity for all their employees like startups do? How could the exponential technologies suit them to code innovation within their organizational culture? What are the fresh, brand new methods? Could successful innovation projects start by involving more than 100 people for only 48 hours? How should we reward and encourage innovation? These and other questions will be answered by Priscilla – CEO of Be-novative -, who will share her experiences and best practices she gained through leading a startup company, mastering both Design Thinking and worldwide successful innovation methods and handling cooperations with numerous Fortune500 companies worldwide.


Priszcilla is the winner of Singularity University’s first Global Impact Competition in the CEE region in 2012, and also achieved first place in TechMatch Europe Silicon Valley and Morgan Stanley CTO Summits. Priszcilla is a startup founder who graduated as a psychologist and managed over 45 R&D and innovation projects globally. She got 500,000 EUR grant from the European Commission to implement her project-idea in 8 countries, which was the base of the unique algorithm idea of Be-novative. Priszcilla is not only responsible for the vision, strategic and business planning in Be-novative, but she uses design thinking to initiate Be-novative’s functionality-planning based on customer needs.


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