Ronen Tal-Botzer

CEO Sense Education

Title of the speech:

Exponential Education for Exponential Medicine

One of the noblest uses of Artificial Intelligence is obviously in Medicine. This is the foundation of the ‘Exponential Medicine’ idea. However, in reality, the integration of these two separate worlds is hardly achieved. Unlike other interdisciplinary fields, the degree of separation between the ivory tower of computer science and the patient’s bedside at hospitals is strikingly immense. While many talented clinicians know a great deal about medicine but not about Artificial Intelligence, and while many passionate data scientists build sophisticated  algorithms but are not expert in the science of medicine – there is without a doubt a missing link.

A unique and fascinating collaboration between a hospital, a university and an EdTech startup has created the ‘International Online Certificate Program in Genomics and Biomedical Informatics’. This program is building a cadre of ‘Exponential Clinicians’ who can fluently “speak” both languages – Medicine and Artificial Intelligence – and bridge the monumental gap between them. In this talk we will present: (a) the topics of our program; (b) some examples of innovations and products created by our graduates; and (c) a state-of-the-art EdTech technology that helps to train a large number of clinicians in these very technical subjects, by providing them with personalized education experiences in a scalable manner.

Workshop title:

Title Essential Techniques in the Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Medicine

The biggest breakthroughs in the interdisciplinary field of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine have been achieved by teams, or even individuals, who were able to conduct the proper fusion between these two disciplines. The purpose of this workshop is to provide its participants with the essential techniques of such fusion. In the first part, we will discuss the characteristics of medical data in all of its forms: from electronic medical records, through genomic sequences, to patients’ tweets on social media. In the second part, we will review the most essential machine learning algorithms that solve medical problems, from the fields of Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning. In the third part, we will present the other direction, where mechanism we know in nature have been molded into AI algorithms, such as the Deep Learning algorithms that simulate the brain, as well as Genetic Algorithms that simulate evolution.


Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer is an Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur, scientist and educator. As the director of the International Online Certificate Program in Genomics and Biomedical Informatics, by Sheba Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University (Israel), Ronen has been contributing to building a cadre of ‘Exponential Clinicians’ around the world. In 2013 he founded Sense, which developed a unique Artificial Intelligence technology that makes personalized education possible at scale. Dr. Tal-Botzer is also a consultant of several biomed and tech companies in Israel and around the world.

Ronen graduated Summa cum Laude with a double major degree in Computer Science and Biology from Bar-Ilan University. He later pursued a direct PhD track in Artificial Intelligence, where he received the President’s scholarship and the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in Research. In 2007, Ronen was chosen by the World’s Life Sciences Forum as one of the 100 promising PhDs. Prior to that, Ronen served in the Central Technology Unit of the IDF Intelligence Corps.



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