Supreet Singh Manchanda

CEO of Akal Global

Title of the speech:

Why I don’t want to run a Unicorn

Unicorns are the darlings of the startup world and yet many don’t seem to be successful and are often caught in a spend to survive or media confusion. As a CEO and on boards of many startups come listen to how Supreet reflects on understanding unicorns governance and success.

Workshop title:

Disruption as a process of innovation

Imagine being able to go through a real stimulation where you watch Mr. Manchanda take a real live example and teach the actual process of innovation. He will engage all in the room so be ready to participate actively. Bringing a gaming theory, combined with design thinking and theory of constraints. Supreet takes you methodically in a fun way to learn how to use disruption and innovation to change processes and impact people and most importantly product design. Disruption as a process of innovation


Supreet is an executive with a rare blend of managing Consulting, M&A, IT and Operations across startups, large companies and especially in turnarounds with 30-50% gain in value while staying on time and budget. Adept at managed P&Ls using OKRs to successfully deliver product sales & strategy, innovation and development. In the last 20 years he has served on 26 Silicon Valley boards, successfully building funding, go-to-market operations and sales. Currently on 3 boards (IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud).
Supreet balances risk by leveraging learning organizations practices that integrate Design Thinking and the Theory of Constraints to develop and sell better products & services in new channels and industries. This allows him to build success by using objectives and key results with agile industry best practices that rapidly deliver leadership and culture change with mastery of process and technology. Supreet calls himself an “Imagineer” as he forces you to imagine your future with both governance and world class operations in mind.
Supreet holds a TRIUM MBA, a jointly offered by London School of Economics, NYU and HEC, Paris. He also has a B.Sc. in Business (information Management) from University of Houston. He spent three years in Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University and has PMP & Information systems Certificates from USC & MIT.
Since 1999, he has been an Adjunct Professor & Executive-in-Residence: University of Tennessee, Knoxville, helped build and teach in Masters in Supply Chain/Logistics & EMBA programs. He is also a member of the US Council for Competitiveness, Innovation & Sustainability working group, liaising between government and the private sector.
Worked in Europe, USA and ASIA, he is Indian born, African raised and educated in both British & US systems.


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