Zoltan A. Vardy

Television and digital media expert

Title of the speech:

Redefining ‘TV’- how the move from ‘Television’ to ‘Total Video’ is transforming our lives

Our TV viewing habits have changed dramatically over the past few years thanks to the transformation of what we have traditionally called ‘television’ into ‘total video’ – an endless supply of video content, available 24 hours a day, on any number of devices. While such tremendous flexibility and choice has obvious benefits, it has also brought out the worst in us as we demand an entire industry to bend to our will as consumers. In my presentation, I’ll explain what the ‘Total Video’ industry needs to do to adapt to this new environment to keep us happy, and what we can expect our ‘Total Video’ experience to look like in 2027.


Zoltan A. Vardy has spent 25 years building and running media businesses around the world as an executive, entrepreneur, investor and advisor. As Founder-CEO of Medient Consulting, he helps ‘Total Video’ companies find new markets, new revenue streams and new investments. His corporate career stops include: Sr. Vice President at NBCUniversal and CEO-Central & Eastern Europe at ProSiebenSat1 Media. He is an investor in digital advertising and marketing tech start-ups like Brainient (sold to Teads) and Antavo.


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