3 reasons you’ve got to be a part of Masters&Robots

Masters & Robots is the most future-driven event of this year in Poland. We don’t want to brag too much, but it’s a must for every professional in CEE to attend it.

Here’s why we think so:

  1. It has SingularityU Warsaw Chapter in it – Singularity University is a global community that helps to achieve scientific and innovative breakthroughs in the name of greater good. Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil and their colleagues founded SU in Silicon Valley in 2009. Today – supported by the biggest tech companies in the world – it’s one of the most influential NGO on the planet. Every event with a Singularity brand involved represents the highest quality there is. It also means that during the Masters&Robots conference you’ll hear only top-notch speakers. For more check: https://su.org
  2. It’s all about business practice – if you want to transform your business, you should learn how to do it properly. We’ve prepared 15 dedicated workshops (4h, 6h and 8h long) with one of the best experts in the world. There’s no way you won’t find at least one that’d be suitable for your business, and that might help you develop your skills
  3. It’s close – you don’t have to spend a significant part of your budget only to get across another continent to see decent keynotes. You’ll find them on Masters&Robots in Poland. Warsaw is easily accessible and affordable in comparison to Western cities. If you’re a CEE inhabitant mark our words – there is no better event here.

M&R Team


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