Chip Espinoza, Ph.D.
Author, speaker, consultant, and Millennial Expert
Dr. Chip Espinoza is the Co-author of Managing the Millennials…


Chip Espinoza – HR / Millenials workshop

Oct 26th, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Thriving In A Multigenerational Workforce

Organizational details: 4 hours, cap at 50 participants

Abstract for workshop: There is a monumental changing of the guard that is currently taking place in organizations. One of the largest birth cohorts or generations in history (Baby Boomer) is beginning to retire while their predecessor (Builder) is almost completely out of the workforce. Gen X is hitting stride and on the cusp of inheriting the proverbial organizational mantle. The three aforementioned age cohorts have learned to play in the organizational sandbox together. However, a new age cohort (Millennials—the largest age cohort in today’s workforce) is kicking up sand. They are plug-n-play when it comes to wanting to engage at work but organizations often turn them off as a result of not understanding their behaviors and values.

You will learn skills that will help you work with every generation but they will be exponentially important when working with Millennials. The session is not based on a discussion about Millennials—it is the result of a decade-long conversation with Millennials and the people who are successful at working with them as employees and clients.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the dynamics at play in a multigenerational workforce
  • Understand the theoretical framework for thinking about generations
  • 9 competencies critical to managing today’s workforce
  • Challenges younger workers face when entering the workforce and how to help them
  • Overcoming personal and organizational bias
  • Developing emerging leaders
  • Working cross-generationally with clients


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