Henry Wong
Garage Technology Ventures
Venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and Stanford University Mentor in Silicon Valley.


Henry Wong

Oct 27th, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Stanford VC Acid Test Workshop

Organizational details: 2 hours, cap at 50 participants

Abstract for workshop: This Stanford workshop will drill down on the 5 critical elements and provide a blow-by-blow and punch-by-punch action oriented consultative solutions. Details will be given to TAM-SAM, SWOT, Product Life Cycle, Product Portfolio Analysis, Social Style Selling Behavior, and Personality Enneagram. During his workshop Henry Wong will discuss the acid test for entrepreneurs, and talk about what elements to present when thinking about raising venture capital. Wong has the passion in helping startups to be successful by either serving on the board or acting as an advisor. He receives 10,000 business plans a year, why should he reads your plan versus the other guys? Why are you so attractive? Can turn his head?


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