Markus F. Peschl
Professor of Cognitive Science
Markus Peschl is Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna…


Markus F. Peschl – Developing innovation workshop

Oct 27th, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Innovating innovation: the future of developing your innovation eco-system

Organizational details: 4 hours, cap at 50 participants

Abstract for workshop: How do we want to innovate in the next 10 years? What does innovation mean in an exponential economy and how are we going to deal with an uncertain future?

In this workshop we will challenge classical approaches to innovation and develop a perspective that is based on the idea of innovation as “learning from the future, as it emerges”. We refer to this approach as Emergent Innovation. You are invited to collaboratively reflect on your own assumptions and processes of innovation.

After some theoretical input with practical examples we will work collaboratively on the following questions: How does the nature of work and workplace change over the next decade? What will be the relevant skills, mindsets, work environments, as well as eco-systems for a future- and innovation-driven organization? How can we bring about innovations that “make sense”, that have an impact, and that is sustainable?

You will jointly develop new perspectives on future-driven innovation for your organization with concrete steps for implementation.


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