Talk title: An Ecosystem for Collaborative Pattern Language Acquisition


Yuki Kawabe, Takashi Iba

Talk abstract:

We propose an ecosystem for acquiring pattern languages and introduce a web system called “Presen Box” that implemented the ecosystem. Pattern language is a methodology that describes practical knowledge for enhancing human creativity and has been developed in various fields such as architecture, software design, education, organization and lifestyle. In recent years, interfaces of pattern languages, pattern cards, pattern apps and pattern objects that embed patterns in daily life, etc. have been developed in addition to reading materials such as books and papers. However, there are still things that need to be overcome in order for those who do not know of pattern languages to acquire it and promote higher quality practices. Rather than leaving pattern language acquiring to individual efforts alone, we propose an ecosystem that realizes collaborative acquisition and an “action first pattern practicing method” that supports the ecosystem. In this method, people will learn patterns through repetition of concrete actions. The system “Presen Box” that implemented this ecosystem is a web platform that uses presentation patterns that describe presentation skills, and the users can get ideas for creating high-quality presentations. By repeating execution of ideas, the users can acquire presentation patterns gradually.