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About Masters Classes

Welcome to our Masters Classes, where expertise meets innovation! Our Masters Classes are designed to elevate your skills to the next level, offering unparalleled insights and strategies from industry leaders and seasoned professionals. 

What sets our Masters Classes apart is the depth of expertise offered by our instructors. Each instructor is handpicked based on their extensive experience and track record of success in their respective fields. You’ll learn from individuals who have not only mastered their craft but have also demonstrated their ability to teach and inspire others. 

Meet our experts, to master the skills of the future.They are your guides to pioneering what's next.

Paweł Pilarczyk - ekspert Digital University

Paweł Pilarczyk

“Personalisation and anticipation: how AI is transforming the marketing world?”

Unlock the full potential of AI in your marketing strategies with our workshop, where you’ll gain hands-on skills in creating dynamic campaigns, crafting compelling copy across languages, and producing multimedia content with cutting-edge AI tools, all while enhancing campaign effectiveness and embracing the future of marketing.

Date: June 4, 2024,

Time: 9:00 AM,

Duration: 3 hours

Location: WeWork, Krakowskie Przemiescie 13, Warsaw


Edyta Sadowska - ekspertka Digital University

Edyta Sadowska

“Trends as signposts of the future – how to read signals of change”

Enhance your strategic insight at our workshop focused on trend analysis and future thinking, where you’ll learn to utilize powerful tools like scenario planning and backcasting to effectively foresee and navigate potential business and societal shifts, ultimately equipping you with the skills to identify opportunities and manage risks for successful future planning.

Date: June 4, 2024,

Time: 01:00 PM,

Duration: 3 hours

Location: WeWork, Krakowskie Przemiescie 13, Warsaw


Anna Conno-Łakomy

Anna Connor-Łakomy

“Neuroleadership at the cutting edge of science”

Dive into the realm of neuroscience to uncover the keys to building resilient organizational cultures, fostering high-performing teams, and effectively managing deep diversity, merging cutting-edge scientific insights with management practices to equip leaders and managers with a deeper understanding of human cognition and its implications for effective leadership.

Date: June 5, 2024,

Time: 09:00 AM,

Duration: 3 hours

Location: WeWork, Krakowskie Przemiescie 13, Warsaw


Paweł Pilarczyk online

“Using AI tools in practice- how to increase personal effectiveness”

You are invited to a unique workshop that will enable you to make the most of modern AI tools to increase your productivity both at work and in your personal life. Learn not only about popular applications like ChatGPT or Co-Pilot, but also about lesser-known ones that may surprise you with their functionalities. Through practical exercises, you will learn how to implement these tools in your daily activities to manage your time and tasks effectively. In addition, you will gain knowledge on how to stay abreast of technological innovations and how to use AI ethically and legally, which will give you an edge in a dynamic world.

Date: June 19, 2024,

Time: 17:00 PM,

Location: Zoom


Marek Grzywna online

“Effective prompting in AI communication”

Discover how to effectively communicate with artificial intelligence with our “Effective prompting in AI communication” workshop. We have planned this training to equip participants with the skills to use state-of-the-art AI tools to streamline their daily duties at work, in personal and educational applications. You’ll learn how to formulate questions and commands that maximize the potential of AI, gain practical skills in implementing AI to more effectively manage daily responsibilities, and gain knowledge of copyright and ethical issues related to the use of new technologies.

Date: June 11, 2024,

Time: 18:00 PM,

Location: Zoom

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Łukasz Hak

Medical Director, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

Łukasz Hak is a highly accomplished medical professional with a background in various medical positions. With a successful career spanning across esteemed pharmaceutical companies such as Janssen, Novo Nordisk, SOBI, Pfizer, and Ipsen, Łukasz has held diverse roles ranging from Regional Medical Advisor to Medical Director. His expertise extends to areas such as quality control, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, product launches, and clinical operations. Łukasz is notable for his patient-centered approach and has a deep passion for innovation, particularly in the realm of digital solutions. With a proven track record of delivering excellence in medical management, Łukasz Hak is a seasoned professional with invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, a serial entrepreneur, and a CNN+ host

Scott Galloway is Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, a serial entrepreneur, and a CNN+ host. In 2012, he was named one of the world’s best business professors by Poets & Quants. Scott has founded nine companies, including Prophet, Red Envelope, L2, and Section4. He is the New York Times–bestselling author of The Four, The Algebra of Happiness, and Post Corona. Scott has served on the boards of directors of The New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Panera Bread, and Ledger.

Across his CNN+ show, Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No Mercy / No Malice blog, and his YouTube channel, Scott reaches millions. In 2020, Adweek named Pivot Business Podcast of the Year. 

Barbara Erskine

Community builder, ex Wired Magazine’s European Editor

Barbara Erskine is a community builder, brand strategist and media relations professional. In Paris, she worked on the NYT Foreign Affairs Column with Flora Lewis. She led branding and media relations at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, and created “Barbara’s Davos”, a parallel program for the media in Davos. She was Wired Magazine’s European Editor. With her company, Barbara Erskine Networks, in Geneva, she helped governments, the United Nations, and private corporations launch initiatives; notably focusing on women’s issues at the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (Paris and Deauville); and geopolitics and finance at Ambrosetti/The European House (Milan and Cernobbio). Current projects on communications and communities now include TBLI (Triple Bottom Line Investing) and the TBLI Better World Prize; R3i Ventures and the 2022 She Loves Tech Competition; and the AI Asia Pacific Institute. 

Jowita Michalska

Founder and CEO of Digital University
Mistress of the Ceremony

Jowita’s mission in life is to arm Poles with essential digital competencies. That is why she established an organization that cooperates with leading American universities such as MIT, Harvard Business School and Stanford to provide education in the field of new technologies. Digital University offers, among others, certified educational programs, such as Digital Transformation Expert, which allow employees to complement their competences of the future, as well as conferences, such as Masters&Robots, for which the world’s most prominent experts come to Poland. The organization also educates excluded and disadvantaged people in the following areas: new technologies, Internet safety, professions of the future and ecology.

Jowita is the Polish ambassador of Singularity Group, the most important educational think-tank in Silicon Valley. She has over 20 years of business experience, having worked in key positions at Polkomtel, PGE and Deloitte, among others.

For her educational activities Jowita has received many awards and honors, including Digital Shapers, awarded for significant contribution to the development of digital economy in Poland. Last year Forbes Women recognized her as one of the 100 most outstanding women in business, and the European Commission named her a Digital EU Ambassador.

Richard Stephens

Founder & Editor, Poland Today
Master of the Ceremony

Richard Stephens is founder and editor of Poland Today, an English-language media & communications company based in Warsaw. Richard established the company in 2012 with the aim of providing business news, information and context about Poland to an international audience, as well as promoting the country as a business destination. Poland Today has grown to be the leading English-language media company in Poland, printing a prestigious magazine and organizing events on a wide variety of subjects in several sectors. While the magazine and conferences have been temporarily suspended due to the economic effects of COVID-19, he and his team are currently re-shaping the company to operate fully online. He was previously editor of Eurobuild CEE magazine, where he also established the conference department and created the Eurobuild Awards Gala. Throughout his career, Richard has organised over 120 international conferences and events, including 10+ trips of international journalists to Poland & CEE countries. Richard is English and graduated in Theology & Religious Studies from Bristol University. He lives in Warsaw. 

Sharon Shacham

Serial inventor and entrepreneur, co-founder of E44 Ventures, founder of Karyopharm Therapeutics

Dr. Shacham is a serial inventor and entrepreneur in the fields of climate and biotech. She is a co-founder and Managing Partner at E44 Ventures, a boutique venture firm focused on climate, energy and synthetic biology. In biotech, Dr. Shacham founded Karyopharm Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KPTI) where she created the novel oral cancer drug Xpovio®, and led its development from idea to commercialization: Xpovio is now approved in US, EU, China, Israel and other countries.  At Karyopharm, Dr. Shacham served as President and Chief Scientific Officer until 2021 and remains a member of its Scientific Advisory Board. Prior to joining Karyopharm, Dr. Shacham was Senior Vice President of Drug Development at Epix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where she led the company’s discovery and development, with several INDs and Phase I-III clinical trials in the fields of psychiatry, obesity and autoimmune disease. Dr. Shacham holds a BS in Chemistry, a PhD in biochemistry and computational biophysics, and an MBA, all from Tel Aviv University. 

Volodymyr Bandura

CEO at Innolytics Group

Volodymyris CEO at Innolytics Group technology research and competitive intelligence consulting company, Lecturer and Leadership Team Member at Singularity University Kyiv Chapter, Co-author of “Ukraine in the Global Innovation Dimension” Report, Certified ExO Consultant. Prepared dialogue with Sophia the Robot when she visited Ukraine to speak at Olerom Forumin 2018. Former CMO and CFO at iconic www.Signature.uareal estate development project –the most innovative and luxurious complex currently in Ukraine with the development budget of over 130 m USD.Consulted and organized multiple international investment deals with the total amount of over 100 m USD. Volodymyrhas over 10 years of experience in large-scale investment projects andstartupsas well as in creation and development of business projects. Spoke at major national events, such as IForum (, IP Let Forum, National Science Day by the Ministry of Science and Education, InScience, CEO Club events etc. Dedicated events for Coca Cola, DTEK, Vodacom and others.Author and Co-author of publications in major national media.

Andrey Dligach

Phd in economics, Director of Advanter Group, co-founder of the Center for Economic Recovery

Andrey Dligach is the representative of the international agency ‘Luniter troubleshooting’ in Central and Eastern Europe, head of the GOSH Strategy Center, founder of iVentures the holding of Internet projects.
He’s the No.1 business strategist in Ukraine. The sphere of his scientific interests includes strategic management; reflexive and strategic marketing; brand management; marketing pricing; management of complex systems; change management; futurology.
Andrey Dligach is the co-founder of the civil platform “Nova Krayina”; the co-founder of FreeGen movement; Vice-President of the NPO “Healthy Nation – ZNAK”.
Ha has more than 20 years of experience in running consulting projects in the field of strategic management, marketing and marketing research. He worked with such companies and organizations as Sandora, Siemens, Foxtrot, Obolon’, Niko Corporation, MTS, Microsoft, Milavitsa, Mercedes-Benz, Sport Life, Alfa Bank, Pinskdrev, Kristall, Corporation TerraFood, UFC, PwC, Luxoptica, Ukreximbank, Incom corporation, Astarta Corporation, Azovo-Don Development Company, Motors Group, Duna-West, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Education and Science, the United Nations.
Andrey Dligach is a visiting lecturer at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, MIM Kyiv and a number of business schools in Eastern Europe.
He’s a TV and radio presenter, the author of 9 books on business and marketing.
Hobbies: actor, poet, bard, salsero.

Karolina Zdrodowska

Head-Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue – City of Warsaw

Based at  the Warsaw City Hall, responsible for the implementation of tasks in the field of economic and innovation policy in Warsaw, economic and scientific projects with the participation of private partners, and supporting entrepreneurs and investors. Coordinates activities in the field of social communication – projects, programs and campaigns combining issues from many areas of life of residents, and also, supervises the process of preparing and conducting open tenders for the implementation of public tasks. Supervises and coordinates cooperation with non-governmental organizations. Deals with the dissemination of tools of dialogue and participation, as well as the promotion and strengthening of anti-discrimination activities and the promotion of equality. President’s Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment.

She is a  graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw. Professionally, she developed one of the design offices in Warsaw. She is also a lecturer at one of Warsaw’s private universities, teaching subjects in the field of architectural and urban design to an international student base. She has also been the head of architecture program. Since 2018, she has been active in the capital’s local government. Until the President of the Capital City of Warsaw entrusted her with the duties of  head-coordinator, she was the vice-president of the Ursynów District Council in the City of Warsaw.

She is a participant of the international program European Women’s Academy 2020 organized by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), European Liberal Forum (ELF) and the Friedrich Neumann Foundation (FNF). The aim of the program is to promote gender equality in politics and to support women’s political activity.

Marcin Choiński

Data & AI Director TVN Warner Bros. Discovery.

Data & AI enthusiast. Hands-on practitioner and academic teacher focused on building a strategic approach of organizations that drives maximum business value from Data & AI and related technologies. He has almost 20 years of experience during which he worked on and managed programs, projects and teams that delivered numerous Data and Analytical solutions. After working for global and regional pharmaceutical, telecommunications and retail corporations he moved to the TV and Digital media business where for the last six years in TVN Warner Bros Discovery he has been responsible for the Data Management & Engineering, Data Governance and AI/ML areas. Apart from defining and implementing a company’s Data Strategy, building and managing the Data & AI ecosystem and delivering numerous cutting-edge Data & AI solutions, he is also responsible for the company’s Data Culture program. Working hand in hand with the business, he oversees its component initiatives such as Data Literacy, Data-Driven approach / Decision Architecture and Data Monetization Strategy. As a hobby, he builds analytical models in the field of sports, plays basketball and goes fishing.

Jarosław Sokolnicki

Head of Microsoft Technology Center

Head of the Microsoft Technology Center, the innovation incubator for the region Central and Eastern Europe. Expert in industry innovations, digital transformation and Cloud Computing. Creator of the concepts the Store of the future for the retail industry. Expert in New Technologies and Business Modeling. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, SiMR faculty, he also completed postgraduate studies in Project Management at the Kozminski University in Warsaw. PhD studies in Economics in the field of Management, Kozminski University. Lecturer and member of the advisory board of the Warsaw University of Technology. A longtime engineer and trainer, he has been dealing with IT technologies in business for over 20 years.

Dr Jan Rosenow

Dr Jan Rosenow is a Principal and Director of European Programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), a global team of highly-skilled energy experts advising policy makers across the world on clean energy. Jan has several board appointments including the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and the Coalition for Energy Savings. Jan also has a passion for energy research. He is an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. In recognition of his work within the field, Jan was named one of the world’s top 5 energy influencers and has been appointed Special Advisor to the House of Commons as part of their inquiry into decarbonising heating. He is a keynote speaker, a podcaster, a regular commentator in the national and international media and has been an expert witness to the European Parliament and the House of Commons on many occasions. 

Dominika Bettman

General Manager of Microsoft in Poland

Dominika Bettman, from December 2021 General Manager of Microsoft in Poland. For 26 years associated with Siemens Sp. z o.o. (the last years as CEO).

Entrepreneur, advocate of new technologies and sustainable business. Graduate of Faculty of Foreign Trade at Warsaw School of Economics and Advanced Management Program at IESE in Barcelona. Economist by education, humanist by nature. Propagator of the idea of diversity and inclusive leadership. Active participant in the public debate on digital transformation of the economy and society. Author of the book “Technological Magnolias”.


Doctor in social sciences, postgraduate in Foresight; founding President and CEO of the SAS proGective, a Centre for Study, Research and Consultancy in foresight.

Her main activity is to support decision-makers, public and private, in their strategic, futures-oriented reflections and actions, in France and abroad.

Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT earned a master’s degree in political science (France) and a PhD in Human and Social Foresight (Social Sciences, Roma, Italy). A world-renowned futurist, she advises large companies (Carrefour, Suez) as well as public authorities (Unesco, Royal Institute for Strategic Studies). She founded proGective, an independent research centre dedicated to foresight, in 1995. Centre of application, research, and training in futures studies, proGective meets its clients’ needs (central or local governments, businesses, NGOs) by working out innovative, sustainable and long term-oriented solutions.

Associate Professor of Foresight and Innovation, she coordinated the curriculum “Knowledge Engineer” at ISTIA, the College of engineering of the University of Angers, designed the master Foresight and Innovation, and taught from 1995 to 2019. She also served as a member of the Foresight section of the Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Ile de France (2014-2018). Active member of the Futures Studies community (member of the Association of Professional Futurists and Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation), she chaired the World Futures Studies Federation (2005-2009) and the French Society for Foresight (2013-2016). As a member of the Accreditation Council of the WFSF Program, she is currently in charge of the Francophonie zone.

Author and referee for several international Journals, she is a keynote speaker for top level management and large audiences, explaining emergent concepts and futures-oriented worldviews, such as the Great Transition, the VUCA world, the Alien Gen, the model of development X.0, the liquid society, etc.

Monica Parker

HR Expert, Founder of HATCH Analytics. Speaker, Author, Behavioural Nerd & Status Quo Challenger Inspiring and Guiding Businesses Through Change

Monica Parker is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Power of Wonder and a world-renowned speaker, writer, and authority on the future of work. Parker has spent decades helping people discover how to lead and live wonderfully. The founder of global human analytics and change consultancy HATCH, whose clients include blue-chip companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Prudential, and LEGO, Parker challenges corporate systems to advocate for more meaningful work lives. In addition to her extensive advocacy work, Parker has been an opera singer, a museum exhibition designer, a policy director, and a homicide investigator defending death row inmates. A lover of the arts, literature, and Mexican food, Parker and her family split their time between Atlanta, London, and Nice. Her wonderbringers include travel, time spent with friends, and live music.

Emin Aliev

Currently serving as the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) at Evido, a recognized ASP (Authorized Sales Partner) within the Meta ecosystem. With a rich history at industry leaders like Meta and Criteo, Emin has 25 years of expertise in digital transformation and corporate innovation. His vast experience spans across project and people management in regions such as the US, Europe, Russia, and West Asia. As a sought-after expert, Emin frequently delivers keynote addresses on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and the intricacies of building successful Strategic Partnerships. 

Marta Życińska

General director of the Polish branch of Mastercard Europe

As CEO of Mastercard Europe’s Polish branch since May 2023, Marta Życińska is responsible for business development and implementation of the company’s strategy in the country.  

Marta joined Mastercard seven years ago. She initially headed the marketing department in Poland, and was later promoted to vice president of marketing and communications for Central and Eastern Europe, successfully combining business development with marketing activities in 20 markets. In 2022, she assumed the position of vice president of global product and B2B marketing, with particular responsibility for the areas of Mastercard’s cooperation with fintechs, as well as prepaid services.   

She is a business leader with a strong track record of managing projects to achieve commercial goals in B2B and B2C areas, working closely with sales, development and product departments. Prior to joining Mastercard, she served as director of the marketing office at PZU Group, where she led the rebranding and was responsible for sales support, communications and digital marketing. Previously, she was associated for many years with the telecommunications company Orange, where she headed the B2C communications department.  

Marta Zycinska shares her experience and knowledge as a business advisor working with startups to develop and scale their businesses. As a mentor, she actively supports diversity and equal rights in the workplace and participates in DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) initiatives and projects. She has served on the chapter of the Effie awards more than once, including Effie Europe and Effie Global. She is also the winner of the Marketing Director of the Year Personality of the Year award, and her campaigns have won numerous Effie, Golden Drum, and Cannes Lions awards.  

She is a graduate of Brock University in Canada with a degree in marketing, and also has an MBA from the School of Management and Oxford Brookes University. Outside of her professional work, Marta, as a philology graduate, is passionate about the English language, as well as medicine and skiing. She successfully combines her professional career with raising her three sons. 

Dyrektorka generalna polskiego oddziału Mastercard Europe 

Od maja 2023 roku Marta Życińska jako dyrektorka generalna polskiego oddziału Mastercard Europe jest odpowiedzialna za rozwój biznesu i realizację strategii firmy w kraju. 

Marta dołączyła do Mastercard 7 lat temu. Początkowo kierowała działem marketingu w Polsce, a następnie awansowała na stanowisko wiceprezeski ds. marketingu i komunikacji na Europę Środkowo-Wschodnią, z sukcesem łącząc rozwój biznesu z działaniami marketingowymi na 20 rynkach. W 2022 roku objęła stanowisko wiceprezeski ds. globalnego marketingu produktowego i B2B, odpowiadając w szczególności za obszar współpracy Mastercard z fintechami, a także usług przedpłaconych.

Jest liderką biznesową z wieloma osiągnięciami w zarządzaniu projektami realizującymi cele komercyjne w obszarach B2B i B2C, przy ścisłej współpracy z działami sprzedaży, rozwoju i produktu. Przed dołączeniem do Mastercard, pracowała jako dyrektorka biura marketingu w Grupie PZU, gdzie przeprowadziła rebranding i odpowiadała za wsparcie sprzedaży, komunikację i digital marketing. Wcześniej była związana przez wiele lat z firmą telekomunikacyjną Orange, gdzie kierowała departamentem komunikacji B2C.  

Marta Życińska dzieli się swoim doświadczeniem i wiedzą jako doradczyni biznesowa współpracując ze startupami w rozwoju i skalowaniu ich biznesu. Jako mentorka wspiera aktywnie różnorodność i równe prawa w miejscu pracy, a także bierze udział w inicjatywach i projektach w obszarze DEI (różnorodność, równość, włączenie). Niejednokrotnie zasiadała w kapitule konkursu Effie, w tym Effie Europe i Effie Global. Jest także laureatką nagrody Osobowość Roku w konkursie Dyrektor Marketingu Roku, a jej kampanie wygrały liczne nagrody Effie, Golden Drum, a także Cannes Lions. 

Jest absolwentką Brock University w Kanadzie na kierunku marketing, ma także dyplom MBA z Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Oxford Brookes University. Poza pracą zawodową, Marta, jako absolwentka filologii, pasjonuje się językiem angielskim, a także medycyną i narciarstwem. Karierę zawodową z sukcesem łączy z wychowywaniem trzech synów.  

Agnieszka Wolska

Vice President of the Management Board, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

Agnieszka Wolska graduated in Finance and Banking from the Warsaw School of Economics. During her career, she also participated in numerous courses in finance, management and leadership.

She has over 17 years of experience in stock-listed international banks. She started her professional career in 2003 at Bank BPH in the Structured Finance Department. In 2006, she took the position of Deputy Head of the Structured Finance Department. She became the Deputy Head of Corporate Solutions at Bank Pekao in 2007, and the Head of the TMT Bureau at this bank in 2010. In 2014, she took the position of the Head of Large Corporate Department at Santander Bank Polska, and in 2016 she was nominated for the position of the managing director, Head of Corporate Banking Area at this bank. In the same year, she joined the group of 10+ top-level executives at Santander Bank Polska, forming executive management team of Polish operations. In 2018, she was appointed managing director, Head of Business and Corporate Banking Area at Santander Bank Polska.

Filip Werstler

Filip is a trainer of presentations and business speeches, providing training to international companies, institutions and local entrepreneurs. His clients include such companies as Orange Poland, ABB, UBS, Polpharma, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and Comarch. In his trainings, he spreads his original concept of audience-centrism in speeches, inspired by Amazon’s philosophy. He is a speaker, appearing at TEDx conferences and an award-winning speaker at many marketing conferences, such as Infoshare, iDesign and InternetBeta. During his TEDx appearance, he talks about the path he took from stuttering to being a public speaking coach. Every year he prepares dozens of speakers for the most important industry events in Poland and around the world. He is a graduate of the Cracow University of Economics and a scholarship holder of the Erasmus program at the University of Pamplona (UNAV). Privately an admirer of distant travel, close encounters with cognitive psychology and a devoted fan of FC Barcelona. 

Anna Connor-Łakomy

Consultant, Trainer, and Researcher specializing in neuroscience, brain-based methods, and their applications to business and self-growth. Works with self-aware, authentic leadership, effective and diverse teams and provides results thanks to the precise diagnosis, boost in awareness and communication. Certified in Neurocolor – tool for inclusion through cognitive diversity, and Brain-Based Coaching methods certified by Neuroleadership Institute. Holds Scrum Master and Assessor certificates.  
Responsible for the creation and development of the organizational diagnostics line in the ICAN consulting projects department, creator & leader of NeuroLab® – working with academic and industry experts to translate neuroscience into a business environment. In the last 10 years implemented over 200 projects in customized research, assessment, and development of competencies in Poland and abroad (Europe, America, and Asia).  
Sociologist, a graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences and PR and Marketing at the University of Warsaw, and a scholarship holder at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Current Ph.D. student at Complutense University in Madrid, specializing in identity and digitalization research.  

Edyta Sadowska

PhD in social sciences, futurologist, university lecturer, innovator. In her scientific and popularization work, she focuses on the future as a tool for shaping the present, redefinitions that allow us to properly describe the reality around us, and interdisciplinarity that conditions dialogue. Connecting the dots, expanding the horizon and full spectrum thinking are for her the fundamental building blocks of understanding the world. Winner of the Jutronauts program (Gazeta Wyborcza & Kulczyk Investment), author of workshops on future literacy, popular science and scientific articles, manager of international projects.