Talk title: Review of neuroimaging and psychophysiological measures of the Uncanny Valley Effect


Leon Ciechanowski, Aleksandra Przegalinska and Anna Kovbasiuk

Talk abstract:

We are discussing the Uncanny Valley Effect (henceforth UVE or UV effect) in the light of its objective measures. In other words, we have carried out a critical literature review of the UV experiments employing psychophysiological and neuroimaging methods.
We have analysed 19 papers from the Google Scholar and EBSCO databases, using the ‚uncanny valley’, ‘psychophysiology’ and ‘neuroimaging’ keywords and selected all papers which were experimental and investigated UVE, and employed one or more of the neuroimaging or psychophysiological tools. In the paper we first describe the UV hypotheses
that are mentioned in the literature, with an emphasis on review and meta-analytic articles.
Then we critically evaluate the selected papers and present them in a context of their hypotheses, used methodology, and outcomes. In the end, we show the shortcomings of the research carried out so far, and present our suggestions of pushing the domain forward.