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  /  Charles Bark

Charles Bark

Charles BARK is a serial entrepreneur of digital innovation in both Healthcare and Executive Education. Charles is co-founder of Hinounou Intelligent Robot, a world Game Changer in Elderly Homecare.

After a combination of 12Y R&D in 4 countries (France-US-Canada-China) Hinounou is a Robot as a Service that solves 3 main issues of the Elderly (Loneliness-Heart Failure-Falls). Hinounou offer wellness and healthcare services based on AI Healthcare Companion Robot. This robot received 5 patents including 2 breakthrough innovations in China.  Hinounou won the Bayer Pharma Worldwide Healthcare Startup Contest for China in 2017. Charles is also the Founder of ChinPass, an innovative language training company that is helping Foreigners to speak mandarin based on blended 3D online game Elearning. He launched a Language App Quickspeaker that is used by more than 7 million users.

Charles is graduated from the Grand Ecole, French Engineering University UTC and top ranked Business Schools, HEC Paris and Oxford University. He is currently Doctoral Researcher designing predictive fall applications for the Elderly using an AI cognitive Robot. Since 2006, Charles lives in Shanghai. Charles has been recognized by 6 French Ministers including 2 Prime Ministers and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, for being an innovative Entrepreneur in France and China.