Dariusz Jemielniak

Management in Networked and Digital Societies (MINDS) Department, Kozminski University

Talk Title with Leon Ciechanowski, Anna Kovbasiuk: Wikidata exploration for Social Science. Deadly death metal or rap yourself to death

Talk abstract:

In this presentation we are going to show the possibilities and limitations of Wiki-data [http://www.wikidata.org] – “Wikipedia for data”, or in other words, a sister service of Wikipedia providing tags and collaborative, shareable knowledgebase. Wikidata is, or at least aims to be, the ultimate source of structured data scraped from the biggest Internet encyclopedia. In this way, Wikidata allows for easy exploration of various topics, that may answer academic hypotheses in a data-driven way [Vrandečić & Krötzsch 2014].
As an exemplary project based on data generated with the use of one of Wikidata tools: Wikidata Query Service, we will present a study inspired by the research of longevity of life of jazz musicians [Kinra & Okasha 1999]. The research compared the average duration of life of musicians playing on different instruments. The results have shown that woodwind instrument players (especially saxophonists) lived the shortest, which may be caused by the overstrain of their respiratory and cerebrovascular systems. We have taken a step further in this area of studies and – with the use of Wikidata – besides presenting a replication of the research, are presenting a study of life duration among musicians from different music genres.


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