Dorota Dublanka

Chief HR Officer, KIR President


A passionate and professional HR leader, with over 20 years of experience working with global organizations and start-ups, including those in Silicon Valley. A member of international teams implementing global programs such as Microsoft for nonprofits, Google for nonprofits, and local innovative technology projects. As a practitioner and innovation leader, she creates and implements visions and strategies for the human capital and organizational development in the digital world. Coach of the Design Thinking methodology, fascinated by technology and its impact on the world, people, and work environment.  Dorota describes herself as „People with Passion Success Angel” and does not let anyone label her „The HR Lady”.   Her role in organizations is described by three Ps – Purpose, People, Place – elevated to the power of I – Innovation. Since 2017 she has been working for KIR (National Clearing House) – a technological hub, a provider of digital solutions for banking, economy, and administration, and a key infrastructure entity of the Polish payment system. She also pursues her passion as the President of the KIR Foundation for the Development of Cyberium Digitization.