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  /  Eugene Shteyn

Eugene Shteyn

Eugene Shteyn teaches Principles of Invention and Innovation, Innovation Timing, The Greatest Innovations of Silicon Valley, and Scalable Innovation at Stanford University Continuing Studies Program. He’s also the first co-author of Scalable Innovation: A Guide For Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and IP Professionals.

Eugene’s innovation work, first as a Principal Scientist at Philips Research Silicon Valley, then as a director at IP Licensing at Hewlett-Packard, is embodied in high-tech products and broadly represented in industry standards. Eugene is a named inventor 30 US patents and more than 50 patents pending in areas of Internet services, business social, semiconductors, security, digital entertainment, gaming, etc. He also co-founded Invention Spring, LLC, an invention development and innovation management consulting company; its clients include Fortune 500 companies (Apple, IBM, Roche, Google) as well as many Silicon Valley startups. Innovation workshops given by Eugene Shteyn resulted in hundreds of inventions and product ideas.