Francesca Grippa, Ph.D.

Professor and Faculty Director at Northeastern University, Visiting Scholar at MIT Connection Science

Talk Title with Cordula Robinson, Earlene Avalon and Michael Wood:

Combining Social Capital and Geospatial Analysis to measure the Boston’s Opioid Epidemic

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Talk Title – Youth Stage: What Makes You Popular?

Do you know what it takes to be popular among friends and succeed academically? Join us for this talk to reflect on key personality traits to succeed in the academic environment and life. Do you know what makes individuals more popular? Is it beauty, personality, honesty, intelligence, or the people you know? In this talk you will learn about the importance of being well connected and honest, and get surprised by some traits you might want to work on!



Francesca Grippa is a Professor and Faculty Director at Northeastern University. She has been working in higher education for 15 years, and has consulted with small and large organizations in various industries, including healthcare, aerospace and defense, environmental protection and financial services. Dr Grippa has a long-standing collaboration with research scientists at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence where she works on projects focused on the application of dynamic network analysis to predict the diffusion of innovation (ickn.org/team.html). She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the MIT Connection Science Research Initiative (connection.mit.edu/people) and a Faculty Affiliate at the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University (globalresilience.northeastern.edu). Dr Grippa’s research interests include collaborative innovation networks; entrepreneurship and change management. Dr Grippa published several papers in peer reviewed journals, including the Journal of Business Research; Computers in Human Behaviors; Knowledge Management Research & Practice; and Social Networks. She co-edited the Springer book “Collaborative Innovation Networks. Building Adaptive and Resilient Organizations” and was guest editor for a special issue on “Collaborative Innovation Networks”, in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.


Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/grippa

Twitter: twitter.com/francescagrippa