Jens Fehlner

Information Systems at the University of Bamberg

Talk Title with Alexandra Manger, Sonja Fischer and Annika Lurz: Finding patterns between religions and emotions. A quantitative analysis based on Twitter data

Talk abstract:

The emotions someone associates with his or her religion and how this person talks about his or her faith have always been considered a personal topic. In this paper, the question of whether specific religions and emotions are connected is discussed. Based on Twitter data, individual networks, or so called “tribes”, are created for four religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism and four emotions: anger, fear, joy and sadness. Similarities and differences between tribes are analyzed using the content of the tweets. A network analysis is done for all tribes and the resulting data is used to create a machine learning model for each category. Using these, general patterns between emotions and religions are outlined and discussed. An analysis with further data was conducted on our model.