Kamila Stępniowska

Founder at Automation & Education and GingerTech, Consultant on AI, Big Data and Business Strategies


Kamila Stępniowska guides companies to apply AI and new technologies into products and organizational culture. With the experience of working with organizations such as Intel, Loreal, United Nations, as well as leading international expansion of Geek Girls Carrots, she combines knowledge and leadership skills to support companies in their digital transformation paths. After almost a decade working with new technologies her experience includes project management, community building, training development, business development, marketing, and business strategy building. She also collaborates with a global Python communities (PyDataPyConPyDays) and other programmers’ communities. As she lived and worked in both EU and the US she has a deep understanding of cultural differences in business and adaptation strategies. As the founder of Ginger Tech consulting, and Automation & Education community, she is just the right person to provide guidance in AI, new technologies, business strategy and education projects.