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Leesa Soulodre

An accomplished innovator and entrepreneur, Leesa Soulodre has 20 years experience leading technology and consulting companies from seed to $14B USD into new markets. She has shared the exhilaration of 1 IPO, a number of exits and the hard knocks of lessons learned. Leesa holds 15 years of Digital Director and Board Advisory experience in the not for profit, the academic and private sectors and has supported in the raising of over USD30M in seed to Series C investments. Today she leads as Innovation Director for Inspirit IoT, Inc and advises as an Expert on SME ICT Disruption and Innovation to the European Commission Research Agency and as Board Adviser/Director supports several of the world’s most promising tech companies: PR Software firm, Prezly (BE), Miyaki (GoGames) (UAE), and analytics companies, Autoscout Inc, (IL, USA), Inspirit IoT (IL, USA), Who’s Good (KR) and Fashion Match (KR).

She holds a Global Executive MBA from TRIUM (NYU, HEC and LSE), a Masters in Management (Marketing) (USQ) and Certificates in Sustainability Strategies (Harvard), Risk Management (Australian Graduate School of Management) and Technology Entrepreneurship (Stanford). She is a Certified Reputation Manager of the Reputation Institute.


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Masters versus Robots
Masters&Robots Day 2
Commentators are arguing how many jobs will be lost to digitization. In the area of engaging customers many say digital an artificial intelligence can replace everyone everywhere. But what is the most efficient road to reengineering customer experiences. And how can we Reengineer humans back into the digital business model. Participants will share a model of exactly where and how both humans and robots can add value and where human contact is absolutely necessadry