Marek Kamiński

Philosopher, Social Innovator & Explorer, Guinness World Record holder, expert on motivation and leadership

Interview: Getting the Right Direction – AI Expedition

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The idea of „No Trace Expeditions” refers to the journeys to the North and South Poles, when the only traces Marek Kamiński left behind were the impressions of skis on the snow, which disappeared after some time. He collected all the rubbish he produced during the trip, showing that a little bit of effort would be enough to travel in the spirit of „no trace”.


zero emissions – zero waste

positive impact on people’s minds

Marek Kamiński sets out on his first ever electric car trip around the world. His companion will be NOA – the humanoid robot, which will personally conduct surveys with people they will meet during the expedition.

The Digital Transformation Index is a study whose purpose is to determine the attitude of people around the world to robotization and digitization. Is it rather positive or negative? Are hopes or fears related to the phenomena that are currently gaining momentum dominating? How do we assess the position of Poland compared to other countries from the region and the world? What consequences can robotics bring for humans at home, at work and in business? This we will learn from the study.
The study organizers are: EY, Digital University and Marek Kamiński Institute

Mission and vision:

Together with a robot, Marek Kamiński will explore the use of technological innovations to develop society and environment in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

AINTE 2019 strives to create a new mind-set by connecting people and raising awareness for what can be achieved with AI.

To establish a positive attitude towards AI as a valuable resource to answer the energy & climate challenges of everyone around the globe.



Philosopher, explorer, businessman, writer. Over 30 years of exploration experience. Awarded a World Guinness record in 1995 for reaching both Poles in one year, solo and without external assistance. Carried New York Explorers Club Flag 134 in 2005 leading the first-ever polar expedition to both Poles with a disabled person. Besides polar activity he also took part in other expeditions like crossing the Gibson Desert in Australia on foot, attending the National Geographic expedition to the source of the Amazon river, 4000 km pilgrimage from Russia to Santiago de Compostella and many others. Author of 13 books, lecturer, mentor, founder of the Kaminski Institute and Kaminski Foundation. Always on the run, always one step ahead…


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kaminskimarek

More about No Trace Expedition: marekkaminski.com/ainte2019/