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  /  Michał Obłój

Michał Obłój

Michał Obłój has spent last 12 years primarily in space of growth strategies, corporate experiments and innovation as well as corporate venture capital. He lead projects in more than 15 European countries, for 3 people startups and Fortune500 companies. For the last 3 years he worked for Maersk, global logistics leader, lately as core team member of Maersk Growth – its Corporate Venturing arm – building, investing and partnering with startups to capture the opportunities brought by digital revolution.

Today he is running my own company, Experimentarium, focusing on rapid market validation.


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Transformation of traditional industry: Shipping! Now with AI and Blockchain!
Masters&Robots / Day 2
Global trade, especially shipping, is the backbone of Global Economy. And like with backbone, people don’t really give it a lot of thought until it starts to hurt or bend in the wrong way under too heavy load. It is also one of the most complex, layered and interdependent business ecosystems, which lags behind other sectors in digital transformation. However, major changes are expected. At Masters and Robots Michał Obłój will share his experience from Maersk, global leader in shipping services, where he worked to drive this wave of changes and disruptions, knowing all too well that it is coming no matter what. He will tell us how blockchain technology used in digital supply chains brought hope to the sector and why collaboration of all parties is needed to realize their potential.