Patrycja Sławuta

Founder at SelfHackathon, M.A Psych, PhD. Experimental Social Psychologist

Talk Title: The Psychology of Panic and Pandemic – How to Build A Global Immune System

Talk Abstract:
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of human life globally. The Coronavirus has revealed both the fragility as well as incredible resilience and adaptability of many systems around us, from communications to monetary to social support. The most important one being the Human Operating System – our ability to make meaning, find motivation and manage our own emotions in the face of tremendous uncertainty, prolonged stress and constant change. The virus has also showcased what true virality and exponential growth mean. From super spreaders to silent and long incubation periods to more than 20 million people infected worldwide in 6 months – COVID-19 is forcing us to not only realize how deeply and widely interconnected we are but also that it’s about time to start building a global immune system. So that we not only survive as humans but thrive as parts of a living planet.


Patrycja Slawuta, is Australia-based behavioral scientist. After spending 10+ years in academia, Patrycja founded SelfHackathon, a boutique behavioural consultancy that uses cutting edge scientific research for business innovation. As an expert on the complexity, nonlinearity and messiness of the human nature, Patrycja lectures globally and works with some of the most exciting and disruptive startups and organizations in the world helping them hack, rewire and upgrade. Her latest initiative is called PsychTech, the seamless fusion of psychology and technology. That is – how to leverage human ingenuity with machine intelligence. In her free time she runs ultra marathons, reads scientific articles and meditates. In that particular order.