Paweł Jakubik

Cloud based Digital Transformation Lead


Since January 2018, Pawł Jakubik took a new role of Director of Digital Transformation in Cloud, a member of the Leadership Team in the Polish Microsoft subsidiary. Previously, within the Polish Microsoft, he ran the Enterprise Services Department for 4 years. Together with the team, he was responsible for advising, implementing and maintaining services for the largest clients in the following sectors: public, banking and insurance, energy and industrial sectors as well as industries such as sales, distribution and production. Previously he ran the Department of Banking and Insurance at Microsoft Enterprise – a department that dealt with the services of the largest Polish banks and insurance companies.

He divides his over twenty years professional experience into two periods: business and technology. During the first thirteen years of his professional career he organized and ran sales networks, training and marketing departments in the financial sector. In Gerling Poland Life was the Sales Director. In Zurich TUnŻ he was responsible for the corporate client segment. He was a member of Inter Polska’s board of directors responsible for sales, marketing and training. After moving from business to IT in 2005-2009 he was head of sales and marketing at Software AG. During the merger with webMethods was responsible for the area of business processes and middle ware.