Tomasz Staszelis

Chief Digital Officer - Polpharma Group


Tomek Staszelis has been promoting the use of technology in business for over 25 years. Initially as a person responsible for IT, and in recent years as a leader of digital transformation of the entire business. He has the ability to combine thinking at the strategic level with a pragmatic approach to implementing solutions. His education in both IT and business (MBA) allowed him to become a visionary, able to show business managers, the impact of technology on potential added value.

Working in such international corporations as Coca-Cola, Heineken or Walgreens Boots Alliance, he was a leader of global programs related to Digital Workspace, Digital Collaboration and Business Analytics, in which, in addition to technological aspects, he educated and emphasized organizational and cultural aspects. He often repeats that „a business that wants to succeed in becoming digital for customer must do it first within its own organization”. He is a huge enthusiast of digital health care, he is consciously and actively looking for opportunities for discussion, communication about the possibilities that digital technologies create in the field of prophylaxis, telemedicine, therapy effectiveness, etc.

Since 2017 he has been conducting a multi-level digital transformation of Polpharma in line with its strategic development direction from the drug manufacturer to the provider of health care solutions. He is convinced that the digital transformation of a business can only succeed if it is implemented by an extensive community that combines different levels and areas of the organization. On his initiative, Polpharma Digital Community and Digital Framework was created, which is the driving force of change. The community currently has over 100 digital enthusiasts from various departments. It is a place of both exchange of knowledge and inspiration, as well as working together on specific business solutions. Such a concept of cooperation contributes not only to the digital transformation of the company, but also to strengthen teamwork and stimulate the creativity of employees who have the right to co-decide on the directions of the company’s development.

Tomek is also a passionate promotor of the idea of digitalizing health care in his environment. He is eager to share his experience during numerous conferences and events, participates in consultations on government projects, and conducts lectures. He also actively supports Polpharma’s cooperation with the start-ups environment, especially looking for such solutions that will support the patient in prevention and treatment.