Dr. Ying Zheng

CTO and Cofounder at AiFi Inc. Stanford University EMBA Alumni; ex-Apple and ex-Google Senior Research Scientist; Ambassador for Visa Everywhere Initiative - Women's Global Edition; Industrial advisor

Talk Title: The Future of Retail – AI-powered Auto-checkout and Store Automation

Talk Abstract:

AiFi is building exceptional AI technology to automate the world’s stores. The company developed proprietary computer vision and sensing algorithms at the edge to run multi-person tracking and product recognition in real time. This year, AiFi was ranked by CBInsights as top 100 AI startups in the world. In this presentation, you will learn:

1) How modern AI are shaping the future of retail, including automated checkout, real-time shelf inventory management, etc.

2) Welcome to a new store format NanoStore, a modular, fully automated store that can serve universities, stadium, railway stations, airports, 24/7.

3) Why and how automated stores can enter mainstream in the near future. Are you ready for the massive retail transformation?



Dr. Zheng received her PhD in computer vision from Duke University and Executive MBA from Stanford University. While young she attended worldwide programming contests, winning championships both nationally and internationally, recognizing her as one of the best female programmers in the world. After working at Google and Apple as senior research scientist, she co-founded AiFi as CTO, with a mission to bring ultimate efficiency and delight to shopping. She is leading engineering team to develop cutting-edge technologies to automate all stores of future. She believes the best way to predict future is to create it. She is enjoying doing that everyday.


Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ying-zheng

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