Yoji Ishikawa, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, Obayashi Future Lab in Obayashi Corporation, Corresponding Member, International Academy of Astronautics, Fellow, Japan Space Elevator Association

Talk title: Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Transportation

Talk abstract:

The space elevator is a future transportation system that can carry people and goods up into space. Here, let me share with you the Obayashi Corporation’s “Space Elevator Construction Concept.” The space elevator had been a dream until a new material, carbon nanotube was found in 1991. This revolutionary material can be used as the cable, a significant component, of the space elevator. Since then, the space elevator becomes a subject for science and engineering. The Obayashi’s Space Elevator is a system consisting of around 100,000 km-long cable that stands out on the equator and the climbers traveling up and down along it. The contents of my talk include the space elevator’s configuration, construction process, structural stability, construction schedule, safety issues, and initial construction cost. There is a good possibility that people can easily enjoy space travel at a reasonable cost in the future. The development of the Moon and Mars can be accelerated, and the Solar System exploration will be promoted. Every aspect of space business will be flourished. The research we conduct for that goal will be introduced, too.



Dr. Yoji Ishikawa has made significant contributions to both space engineering/science and international collaboration in the fields related to “space” and “life.” He started his carrier as a postdoc studying astrobiology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and NASA Ames Research Center in the US after he received his Ph.D. (aerospace engineering), Master, and Bachelor degrees from The University of Tokyo. After he joined the Obayashi Corporation, one of the largest construction firms in Japan, Dr. Ishikawa has been actively involved in space-related research on Lunar and Mars bases, life support system, space agriculture, and space elevator. The Obayashi’s Space Elevator concept which he played a major role to develop in 2012 got a worldwide reputation, and he continues leading the world’s most advanced research on the subject. Dr. Ishikawa has been involved in the activity of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) as a corresponding member and is also an active member of the IAA’s space elevator research group. To sum up, Dr. Ishikawa has broad knowledge and experience in both academic and industrial sectors and both scientific and engineering fields with a strong tie with international communities.


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yoji-ishikawa-b5690679/