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Riel Miller

For over thirty years Riel Miller has been pioneering advances in the theory & practice of using the future as a means to improve management & public policy, with a focus on transformational leadership. He has designed & implemented hundreds of projects worldwide, using the future in order to change what people see and do. He is an experienced & innovative educator, a pioneer of Futures Literacy & the Discipline of Anticipation. He is widely published in academic journals & other media on a range of topics, from the future of education & the Internet to the transformation of leadership & productivity. His unflagging ambition is to find ways to put the richness of complex emergence at the service of humanity’s capacity to be free.


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Transforming the Future of Industry. The role of anticipation in strategy- and policy-making
Masters&Robots / Day 2
Spurring innovation, enhancing productivity, improving public policy... all are familiar and pervasive imperatives for strategists and policy-makers throughout the world. In part these preoccupations have been inspired by the many examples of amazing achievements in terms of economic and social development as well as the discovery and transmission of knowledge. We also know that most of these attempts to design or regulate the future fall short of our expectations. The future seems evident in hindsight, but is always so different from what we anticipated. Are we doomed, like the proverbial drunk, to look for our keys under the streetlight? One alternative to being imprisoned by existing models or returning to yesterday’s ideas about the future is to transform the way the future is used.