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Unraveling the Future of Customer Experience with Dominik Witek from PZU Życie

Dominik Witek, PZU

Picture this – a world where Customer Experience isn’t just a buzzword but a journey. In the heart of innovation and strategic thinking, PZU Życie S.A. released in collaboration with Digital University third edition of Customer Experience report, “The Era of New Experiences”. This report isn’t just a collection of trends; it’s a narrative, a story of the evolving landscape where technology meets the human touch. During Masters&Robots 2023, where the report had its premiere, we had the privilege of catching up with Dominik Witek, Member of the PZU Życie S.A. Management Board, as he shared insights into the crafting of the report. As Dominik takes us through the corridors of PZU’s commitment to innovation, it becomes evident that this is more than just a strategic move; it’s a story of transformation.

The Tale of Trends

The report unfolds a new facet of the future. Omnichannel experiences, data analysis, hyperpersonalization, the commitment to ESG principles, and the  automation – these are not just trends; they are characters in a narrative shaping the way we connect with our clients. As we navigate through the pages, we discover PZU’s dual approach to Customer Experience. It’s not just about monitoring client experiences, it’s about orchestrating positive internal relationships. The harmony between external and internal experiences creates a synergy, echoing the belief that there’s no CX without EX.

Innovation Unleashed

The innovation laboratory at PZU is a vivid chapter, showcasing the dedication to staying ahead in the tech race. From leveraging new technologies like Chat GPT in claims processing to the agile adoption of automation, it’s a story of proactive adaptation to the changing times. A landscape where automation, Chat GPT, and hyperpersonalization become the protagonists in every company’s CX strategy, the unwritten future promises surprises, challenges, and a constant dance with technology.

Discover how PZU believes that crafting a robust Customer Experience strategy will be a game-changer, providing a competitive edge in the industry, and reda the full report:

Watch the interview below: